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About Us

Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue is largely funded and operated by Jeff & Tricia Freeman who are both lifelong animal lovers. Tricia's empathy and compassion for animals led her to start becoming a vegetarian at the age of twelve then vegan many years later. Jeff is mostly vegan and continues to work toward that goal.  They have devoted their lives to animal rescue and advocacy but the honor and privlege to volunteer at other rescue organizations intensified their passion and made them acutely aware of the need to do more so they opened their hearts, their  home and their personal equine facilities to those in need.  Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue came to fruition and was officially recognized as a 501 (c)(3) public charity in July of 2015.

Jeff & Tricia and the members of our Board of Directors are entirely volunteers - no salaries here. All donations go directly toward the care of our sanctuary family members.  Our other volunteers are also unpaid, not because the work they do is of no value but rather because it is invaluable!  We do receive something of greater value than pay as compensation for our volunteer work; unconditional love!

Our Board of Director Members:

Karen Stadler: Karen is a fellow animal lover. She has over forty years experience with animals and, like us, feels a very strong connection with equines. Karen has an exemplary thirty three year record of humanitarian service through her career. She not only serves on our board but also lends her photographic talent to the rescue. We are grateful for her fellowship and charitableness.   

Lisa Doffing:  Lisa was raised in Wichita, Kansas and is the youngest of seven children. She has a B.A. in Human Development & Family Life from KU and also a degree in English from KSU. In addition to being a volunteer board member for Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue, Lisa also volunteers in Equine Facilitated Therapy and Hippotherapy.  Her dog (pictured) is a registered therapy dog as well. Lisa has worked with children for nearly thirty years and hopes to publish children’s books.  She currently works in Child Development and is a Floral Designer. In her spare time, Lisa is also a talented painter.  We are fortunate to have her on our board.

Matt O’Reilly:  Matt has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering both from the University of Kansas. Professor O’Reilly presently teaches Civil Engineering at the University of Kansas. He has been a resident of Lawrence, Kansas for over ten years and is an avid runner.  His busy schedule does not allow him to have pets of his own so he generously volunteers on our board which allows him to spend time with our rescued furry family members and lend a hand in their care.  Welcome aboard Matt!